The Palm Pre is coming soon!


Palm Pre

In smartphone world the new kid on the block is the much anticipated Palm Pre which will be available on O2 on the 16th October. The question everybody is asking is will it be better than the iPhone? On paper the Palm Pre certainly gives the iPhone a run for it’s money with Linux-based, Palm webOS that is quite different to other smartphones with a new standard in the way it handles tasks and manages information. The super sharp multifunctional touch screen is one of the best on the market and allows you to run several applications at once, this is sure to make iPhone users a little bit jealous!

Looks-wise Palm has got it spot on with an ergonomic curve design that is inspired by nature…apparently. The unique design that features a slide out QWERTY keyboard is great for business users that love to use their phone for work and play. Unfortunately the keys on the QWERTY keyboard are pretty small for a smartphone and there is no predictive text making it even more difficult to write messages and emails at a super fast pace.

The operating system on the Palm is what makes it stand out from the crowd. The home screen is simple with only five apps that are accessible and just one extra tap to access all the apps you need. There are also some handy notification bars that alert you if you have a new email, text or song change.

The Palm Pre’s software is different to it’s competitors which I like as it is a much easier way of operating a smart mobile phone. Unfortunately Palm haven’t made a handset to shout about which is a shame as it could have been a super fantastic smartphone.

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