The Nokia N9 – Finally it’s official!

The Nokia N9 has made an appearance in the news over the last year or so and now after all this time Nokia has officially announced this powerful handset. The look of the phone is superb and with the lack of physical buttons and everything being swipe or touch controlled this handset is a great concept. The OS is the latest Meego and as Nokia announced the move towards Windows Mobile this could be the last Nokia of its kind.

The innovative UI has been updated with a number of great features including the homescreen that can be accessed at any time by simply swiping from the edge of the display. The lack of physical buttons has allowed for a larger 3.9-inch display that is made of curved glass and the body has been made from a single peice of polycarbonate giving the phone a fantastic premium feel.

The camera is an 8-megapixel device with a Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor and HD video capture aong with optimised low light performance so you can expect to get some decent shots. Other features include free turn-by-turn and walk navigation; NFC for contactless payments and memory options up to 64GB.

Overall the innovative design and high end features of the N9 make this a really desireable handset, however as it has taken so long for Nokia to get this to us and as they have since shifted future focus to Windows phones the popularity of this phone remains to be seen.

Nokia has not announced pricing yet and have only made reference to a release date later this year – so we will keep you posted as more details become available.

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