The Nexus One makes it’s UK debut on 30th April.

Today Vodafone announced that their customers can get the Google Nexus One from the 30th April from at £35 a month. Google fans can pre-order the Nexus One over the next four days on the Vodafone website (not We expect that in-store availability will be around the 5th May.

Being such a hot phone, the Nexus One will keep customers in 18 or 24 month contracts with tariffs starting at £25 with a £99 charge for the phone. The £35 a month plan offers the Nexus One for free over a 2 year contract.

Last month, Goldman Sachs downgraded its estimate for Nexus One sales this year from 3.5m units to just 1m worldwide. This is probably due to the amount of competition on offer from manufacturers such as HTC and Apple.  The HTC Desire (the Nexus One’s big brother) offers the same spec as the Nexus One but is available on a number of networks pushing it into the limelight and making a lot of sales! Apple are also brewing up a storm with the iPhone 4.0/HD giving customers even more to think about when purchasing ‘the coolest phone on the market’.

This is exciting news for Google fans if they couldn’t get their hands on a Nexus One before, but it feels like Google have left it a bit too late to launch their device in the UK, as the mobile phone world moves quickly on to the latest ‘hot’ device, casting many decent phones into the shadows.

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