The N9 – Nokia’s Meego Debut/Swansong

It’s a bit of a sad sight really, normally new phone launches of this level are joyous occasions but this one has the air of survivors being pulled from the rubble after an earthquake.
The N9 certainly has the sort of specs you’d expect to see from a high end smartphone and the Meego OS makes the most of the hardware but Nokia’s shift to Windows makes this phone seem like a brand new, top of the line, high tech betamax video player.

Until the announcement that Nokia was going Windows, Meego was going to be the thing that saved Nokia from smartphone obscurity. But with the announcement and the departure of most of the developers and boss Alberto Torres Meego became a sinking ship.

I won’t debate Nokia’s decision to go Windows, but launching a new phone with an already obsolete operating system seems daft. I’m sure they will sell a few, but other than as an anti Microsoft protest vote, I can see no good reason to buy one. I’m not knocking the phone, it looks great and has a top hardware spec but it’s a dead end. Tempting consumers away from Android and iOS is going to be a tough job for Windows, let alone for an abandoned operating system.

You can see the specs here if you’re really interested.

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