The Future of Mobile Technology

Old vs New20 years ago brick-like phones such as the Motorola 8500x had no display and did no more than make calls. Who would have thought that mobile phones can now replace your camera, music player, organizer, TV and even your computer all in innovatively designed, pocket-sized handsets!

With smartphones dominating the market and new phone designs constantly emerging I want to look into what the future of mobile phones has in store.

It seems that mobiles that you can wear are going to be popular for the future with consumers relying on their mobile phones more frequently throughout the day. We have already seen Dyal’s sWaP phone which features a 1.3 mega pixel camera, mp3 and mp4 player and Bluetooth and have seen LG’s GD910 which supports 3G and includes video calling making it every sci-fi lover’s dream! Nokia also have some concepts of soft, bendable phones using nanotechnology, the 888 and the Morph which give the user a cool looking device that is very accessible. You can take a look at what the Nokia Morph has to offer by following this link.

If you are true Apple devotee and want the latest super cool handset from the Californian brand, the iPhone Nano looks like it will be coming soon. The Nano will be a slimmer, more basic phone that would offer EDGE network speeds but there is hope that we will see Wi-Fi N and wireless media synchronising and memory capacities ranging from 8GB to 16GB.

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