The First Indistrutable phone

With the release of the JCB Tough and the Samsung M110 we thought that the mobile phone market couldn’t get tougher….we were wrong.

The Land rover S1 is said to be the ‘worlds first ever indestructible phone’. It can survive dust, shock, heat and being dropped down the loo. Perfect if you work outdoors a lot, work in hot places or are just very clumsy and always drop your mobile phone, the Landrover S1 has even been approved for use by the military. This revolutionary handset can withstand temperatures of minus 20c, can be submerged in wtaer and can even make it through a 6 foot drop onto concrete!

With rubber coating which gives it that indestructible appeal the handset also includes a waterproof camera with flash, gps system and an internet browser…not bad for a phone that will be made for you if you have ever dropped your phone down the toilet. It may not be very pretty but it is one of the latest mobile phones.

We think the Landrover S1 will save people alot of money as research has shown that £157 million is spent every year replacing broken phones

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