The Cheapest Pay As You Go Phone Ever?

Carphone Warehouse have made a big song and dance today about what they claim is the cheapest pay as you go phone ever. It’s the Alcatel AT-209 and it’s only 99p. The catch is that you have to buy a £10 Virgin PAYG top up and it’s locked to Virgin.

While this is certainly news worthy it isn’t the cheapest pay as you go phone, well it is but not from Carphone Warehouse. Mobiles Please have a series of deals for this phone starting from 90p – a whopping 9p saving – on Orange and T-mobile.

You can also get the same phone on contract for £1.04 a month including 400 minutes and unlimited texts – ok, it’s a cashback deal so you have to spend more then claim back the difference but it’s still a bargain.

But is the phone any good? Well it’s no iPhone but it makes calls and sends text messages, and for 90p what more do you want? Ok, well it has a radio and torch too.   This is a perfect back up phone,  it’s great for light users who want a phone for the glove box in case of breakdowns and it’s ideal for people who regularly break phones like builders.

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