The Best Apps for Learning a Foreign Language

Let’s face it learning a new language can be difficult and whether you want to learn a few phrases for your next holiday or really tackle a new language head on your smartphone is a great tool to help you learn. There are many apps out there that have been developed to help you get to grips with a new language and with interactive games and conversations with native speakers; apps can make learning a new language fun. Below we have handpicked some of our favourites available for download from the Android Market or iStore.


busuu – Android, iOS is one of the leading online communities for learning languages and the mobile app allows you to get to grips with your new language on your phone. There are a number of free apps that are language specific so you simply choose which language you want to learn (French, Spanish, Italian and German and more) and select the app for that language.



The free app includes 20 complete learning units covering a number of day-to-day situations and 150 subjects with beginner to intermediate levels to work through. Interactive tests, vocabulary sections and dialogues help you learn and the audio-visual materials include recordings of native speakers so you can tune into accents and dialects.



The app includes an extensive vocabulary of over 3,000 words and phrases and progress can be sychronised with your profile on


Tourist: Language learn & speak – Android



This app is great if you want to learn some useful phrases before heading off on holiday with a range of topics covered such as transportation, food and accommodation, emergency situations and language basics.


The app covers a lot of basic phrases and helps with pronunciation with phrases recorded by native speakers. The app is simple to use with phrases split by country, then topic and if you have trouble pronouncing anything you can simply play the recorded phrase to get the message across.






The app includes a handy alphabet section and number pronunciation coupled with the restaurants section which will be very useful when ordering at the bar.

Overall this is a basic language learning tool aimed at holiday makers and tourists, so if you want to fully learn a language this isn’t the app for you.


Byki – Android, iOS




Byki is a popular online tool for learning a language and the iStore app takes this proven method onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Byki has over 1000 words and phrases and uses an easy and fast three step process to help you learn a new language.

 The app firstly takes you through the material you will learn, then you will be taught to recognise both the spoken and written forms of the foreign words and then you are tested by being prompted in English and you input the foreign word.



You can perfect your accent with native speakers’ recordings, take quizzes on what you have learned and use the search feature like a phrase book to look up words.  There is also a Twitter search feature where you can search for the new word you have learned to see how it is being used in conversations.


These are just some of the free and chargeable apps available to help you learn a new language and whether you want to be able order drinks and food when on holiday or truly immerse yourself into a new language, your smartphone can be the perfect language teacher. Have you learnt a new language using an app? Do you have an app that you found easy to use? What successes or failures have you had with your language app?




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