The Best Apps for Education

Educational apps are a great way of expanding your knowledge in a fun way and with so many smartphone users out there, what better way to study a subject or research your homework topic with an app. Here we have picked our favourite apps that make education fun.


3D Brain (Android, iStore)


This is a great app to help you understand more of the brain and how it works, simply swipe and tap the screen to rotate and zoom around the different areas of the brain.



As you read about each of the brain regions information including what happens when it is injured and what mental illness effects it could have is presented to you in an easy to understand way. The app also includes case studies for more in depth information as well as links to modern research.


The Elements (Android)



This informative app gives you all the information you need on all of the 118 elements making a great tool when in science class. Details of the properties of the elements are listed as well as much more information including images, calculations and physical constants.




Mobile Observatory – Astronomy (Android)


This app is great for finding out about the night sky with a zoomable sky map for telling what object in the sky you are looking at. The app lets you know when celestial events will be happening allowing you to put them in your phone calendar so you can catch the next lunar eclipse, passing comet or watch the phases of the moon.



Live mode allows you to point your phone at the sky and the app will tell you what celestial bodies you are viewing and there is information on stars, planets, meteor showers and much much more.


Math Formulary (Android)



This app contains access to formulas commonly used in schools and universities making it a great tool for helping with homework or to gain a better understanding of maths.


The content is organised into groups so you can find the right formula quickly such as Algebra, geometry or basic arithmetic and there are graphics with some formulas’ to make them easier to understand.


How to Draw-Easy Art Lessons (Android, iStore)



This app teaches you how to draw a number of objects from animals to cartoon characters so you can hone your art skills whilst having fun. Each drawing is broken down into steps and the screen is designed like graph paper so you can get the proportions right.



Start off with simple drawings like a rose and once you have the hang of it you can move onto more complex ones, this is designed to improve your drawing skills so you will need old fashioned pencil and paper to practice.


There are tons of educational apps out there to help you study for class or simply find out more about a subject that interests you and these are just some of our favourites. Have you found a great educational app? Do you use apps to help with your homework? Tell us about your favourite apps and what you like most about them.



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