Teddyfone – First Child’s Safety Phone !

TeddyfoneChild safety is on every parents mind and at Mobilesplease we have the answer. The Teddyfone is the first phone specifically designed for child safety, with over 78 % of children admitting they felt safer with a mobile phone it seems like we could be onto a new craze. Made in the shape of a teddy bear and fully controlled by the parent it will put your mind to rest, plus we doubt many robbers will be on the hunt for a teddy shaped phone !

With limited functionality it is simple, safe and looks like a teddy so its perfect for children from age 3 and up. When the phone is turned on it the led lights in the ears flash as they do when there is an incoming call. This is fantastic as it makes it look even more like a light up toy plus with a height 97mm and width 62mm it is small enough for a child’s palm. It evens come with a cute carrying case which can be placed around the child’s neck so it won’t get lost too easily.

This phone has took every aspect of a child’s safety into account with great features such as-

•    No Screen – meaning children can’t download inappropriate images, ringtones or games and cant be sent them either

•    Only 4 Buttons – These four buttons can be pre-programmed with 4 numbers, mum & Dad and then the other 2 buttons likely to be grandparents and a friend. These provide quick access to stay in touch with the family, avoid misdialling and allow parents to limit call costs.

In Carrying Case

In Carrying Case

•    Child Monitor – a parent activated child monitor is set up by a silent ring tone to the teddyfone which allows the parents to listen to whatever is going on around the child without them knowing.

•    SOS Button – The SOS buttons which are positioned on either side of the teddy when pressed send a emergency message to 3 pre-programmed numbers and enable the one parent to listen to what going on around the child using the Child Monitor.

•    Child Tracking –With GPRS tracking, this allows you to locate you child wherever they are with just a touch of a button.

All these great features are pre-programmed by sending SMS from another mobile phone by simply texting the details of numbers/SOS contacts etc, only allowing authorised users to change these settings. The phone uses Mobile phone technology but thanks to the low emissions it is ten times more eco friendly than any other conventional mobile phone.

The Teddyfone comes Sim free supporting all major networks including T-mobile, Orange and 3 mobile. This also allows parents to cut call costs, for example take advantage of the free calls if both parent and child have Vodafone Sim cards.

It’s safe, basic and extremely cute plus it won’t harm your child health thanks to low emissions, is this what parents everywhere have been looking for…. Would you feel safe at home knowing your child was out alone with this high safety phone?

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