Tablets Usher in the “Post PC Era”, Just Not Yet

We’ve been hearing that tablets are going to render PCs and laptops obsolete for ages now, mostly from Apple mind. Well it seems that market research firms are less pessimistic about the immediate future of the PC.

Gartner and NPD both reckon that PC sales are sluggish, although they disagree over whether it’s anything to do with tablets. ┬áData from Wiggin UK’s annual entertainment survey shows that only 29% of tablet owners use theirs for work. It also suggests that a significant proportion of people either don’t see the point in tablets or prefer laptops.┬áTo declare my interest in this, I both prefer laptops and fail to see the point in tablets.

Of those surveyed who don’t own a tablet, 38% said cost was the reason and 30% said that they we’re perfectly happy with laptops. Of those that were not planning to buy a tablet, 25% said that they simply had no use for one.

At the moment, tablets are viewed as a desirable third device, not a replacement for smartphones and PCs. If this is the case, then people who need a new computer are likely to stick with a PC or laptop, while only those that really want a tablet are likely buy one, and they will not use it as a replacement for a PC but as another device for very specific activities in certain places at certain times.

The simple lack of a keyboard means that many people are reluctant to move away from laptops for day to day tasks, and for anything that’s demanding in terms of memory and processing like video editing, graphics, design or gaming tower PCs still win by a mile.

Although the demise of the PC at the hands of the tablet may still be a reality, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

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