T-Mobile Pull The Oldest Trick In The Book

If you’ve ever watched Hustle, or if you’re old enough to remember the film Grifters then you’ll be familiar with the bait-and-switch.

It’s the oldest con trick their is – sell someone something that they think is a bargain, then at the last minute give them something totally different and worth a whole lot less.

Well that’s exactly what T-Mobile have just done to Android Smartphone users on “unlimited” data packages. Now nobody believes phones companies when they say “unlimited data”, it’s not and never has been unlimited. The “fair use” small print usually gives a threshold above which users will be charged for data – a limit if you will.

Until yesterday, T-Mobiles unlimited-limit was 3Gb per month, not unlimited but reasonable, but now they’ve slapped customers with the old “subject to change” clause and dropped the limit to 500Mb.

Imagine going to a petrol station and filling up, paying the cashier and then finding that they had siphoned out 5/6th of your petrol, then they point to a sign saying “quantity of petrol is subject to change”.

Unfortunately this probably doesn’t constitute a breach of contract in most cases, unless you can show that you regularly used more than 500Mb of data a month that is, in which case the changes clearly have a major adverse effect for you and may be grounds to cancel the contract. It┬áremains┬áto be seen whether or not anyone challenges T-mobile and how Ofcom rule on this.

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