Swype Technology – The Next Generation

There comes a time when tapping away at a QWERTY keyboard is too much like hard work, so the geniuses that brought us T9 predictive text are now introducing Swype technology to the mass market. Instead of pressing individual letters on the keyboard, users just drag their fingers from one letter to another in a fluid motion and the computer works it out from there.

It doesn’t even have to be that precise as the software can work out what you are trying to type. In demonstrations, hurdles like capitals and double letters are overcome by pausing or doing a squiggle, while spacing and punctuation are automatic.

Swype’s inventor Cliff Kushler said the technology could have an enormous impact and be used anywhere people have to use a keyboard, such as video games, sat-nav devices and ticket machines. ‘We’ve squeezed the desktop computer, complete with keyboard and mouse, into something that fits in a pocket,’ he said.

Obviously Swype technology has no taken over yet but the Samsung Galaxy S already has the technology and another 50 models worldwide are set to feature it by the end of the year.

Won Park, director of United States technology sourcing at Samsung said: ‘It could become the de facto standard for tablets, next-generation TVs or next-generation remote controls. It has tremendous potential.’

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