Support England with this great World Cup Phone.

With thousands of people heading to South Africa today and many more jetting out this week for the big game on Saturday we hope all the England fans have got their World Cup Phone. The Alcatel OT-206 is the perfect way to show your support for England. Priced at only £2.95 the World Cup Phone is pretty basic but boasts the England flag covered all over it!

Weighing just 60g the OT-206 is one of the lightest phones on the market so won’t weigh you down. Although the phone is basic, it does include some basic features including a built-in camera, FM radio, games and a stereo hands free headset. The OT-206 is easy to use with a large keypad and displays text messages clearly on the 1.5 inch screen.

Perfect if you are watching the England match at the pub or even at a festival if you don’t want to break your precious phone.

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