Step into the world of virtual with your Mobile !

A Virtual world on your Mobile phones? The craze was started by Second Life who designed a 3-D virtual world which since opening to the public in 2003, it has now gained millions of residents from all around the world.

With the 3D virtual world Second Life you can take the form of an avatar and do all sorts of things such as buy things, chat to people or just walk around?

Now this phenomenon is taking on the mobile phone market! The virtual world is a hang out place and this could take off in the mobile world for chat and social activities.

Japanese company Eitarosoft have jumped on the bandwagon early by creating a mobile online virtual world called Lamity. It is in the stages of being preloaded onto mobile phones with makers Sony Ericsson, Sharp and NEC taking part. There are further plans in the pipeline such as 3-D games for users and lots more online shop where you can spend virtual money…which then ends up on your phone bill at the end of the month.

But you may ask what the point is? Is it just another distraction?

In the virtual world things happen that would never happen in the real world? You can experience a hurricane or explore a Van Gogh painting….if you want to that is!

Virtual mobile may be a good idea for interacting in the video game world but as for social networking I think mobile phones provide enough communication.

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