Steam app for Windows Phone Launched

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of snake and you can enjoy console worthy games on your smartphone taking your gaming chops on the move. The latest addition to the gaming platform options comes from Valve as it launches the Steam app for Windows 10 Mobile and Phone 8.1.



Valve Gaming

windows steam app interface


Valve was founded in 1996 and has gone on to create some of the world’s most award winning games and has accumulated a gaming community of over 65 million. The company has given us over 3,500 games including popular titles such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike.


The company has now added to their impressive gaming pedigree by giving the Steam app to Windows Mobile devices to allow users to build communities, modify and play Valve games through the app.


Windows Steam App


The Steam app has been available on both iOS and Android and the Windows version is very similar giving Steam gamers access to the Steam Community Market to trade with friends and sell in-game items.


steam app security fetaures


The accounts are secured using Steam Guard Multi-factor authentication and users can install and set games downloading to their home PC or laptop straight from the app.


The app also delivers the latest Steam game news and gives access to the Steam storefront for sales and promotions and users can chat and participate with other users in the Steam community to chat and swap gaming tips.


steam app community


The app has been well received if the reviews of recent downloads are anything to go by, although there does seem to be some grumbling about how long it took to make a Windows version. Valve has tried to deliver the app to as many Windows users as possible by designing the app for Windows Phone rather than just going straight to Windows 10 though so that should please fans.


steam chat


This is only the first release of the Windows Steam app so there are bound to be improvements and tweaks including allowing interaction with Cortana which isn’t possible at the moment so there is plenty of scope for the app to evolve.


Do you play Valve games? Have you tried the Windows Steam App? Tell us your thoughts on the app and the games on this platform by commenting below or join us on Google+.

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