Sony Xperia XZ Review

The Sony Xperia XZ is the latest flagship device from Sony and as they have proved in the past they pack all of their knowledge into their handsets making for impressive devices. The new Sony Xperia XZ is no exception with advanced camera features, a high-grade crafted chassis and adaptive charging. Here in out Sony Xperia XZ review we take a closer look at the best bits of this latest Sony phone.


Sony Xperia XZ Design


xperia xz sony


The Sony Xperia XZ takes a different tack when it comes to design when compared to the previous models as it uses ALKALEIDO metal for the back cover. This is a high-grade material with brightness, shine and high purity which gives this phone a superb quality feel.


The device is just 8.1mm thick with soft rounded corners and weighs in at just 161g, with colour options comprising of Platinum, Mineral Black and Forest Blue.


xperia xz colours


The 5.2-inch display includes TRILUMINOS technology and it is protected by Corning Gorilla glass to prevent scratches. The phone is also dust and water-resistant, as seen on previous models, making the phone durable and able to withstand the daily wear and tear.


Xperia XZ Features


sony xperia xz features


The Xperia XZ has plenty of great features with Sony adding their many years of experience in producing high-end electronics into the device. The phone has Android Marshmallow on board and for those that love entertainment on their mobile the XZ has Hi-Res audio and S-Force Front Surround sound for immersive audio quality.


Lots of Sony apps are on board such as Movie Creator, What’s New and Sound Photo along with PS4 Remote Play for taking your gaming with you.


xperia xz blue


The phone has self learning technology to keep the device running smoothly with features like Smart Cleaner which will automatically clean the cache of certain apps based on an analysis of your usage patterns. The Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor with 3GB RAM ensures you get a seamless performance for streaming or running demanding apps and there is a microSD card slot for adding up to 256GB of extra space.


sony xz silver


The battery life on a smartphone is something that has always been a focus of manufacturers as they hope to offer the best amount of usage time between charges as we use our phones more and more. The Sony Xperia XZ battery pack is a 2,900mAh power pack and is charged using a USB Type-C cable for faster charging. There is STAMINA mode to get the most out of remaining battery power and the innovative Battery Care and Qnovo adaptive charging features enhances the lifespan of the battery. Qnovo will adjust the current when charging the phone to avoid damage to the battery while Battery Care will pause charging at 90% and only complete the full charge just before the phone is needed to ensure the cell does not get over charged.


Triple Image Sensor Camera


xperia xz camera


Sony has consistently delivered enhanced imaging on their devices as they take advantage of the vast knowledge accumulated from their range of digital cameras. The 23-megapixel camera includes triple image sensor technology with each sensor capturing movement, colour and distance respectively which results in clear,vibrant images even if your subject is moving.


The camera also aims to combat blurring with advanced 5-axis stabilisation, Sony SteadyShot and Active Mode which ensures blur-free photos even if you are walking when capturing the shot.


xperia xz triple image sensor


The dedicated shutter button launches the camera quickly so you don’t miss the perfect shot and it captures 4K video and there is 5x Clear image zoom to capture far away objects.


photos on the xperia xz


The front facing camera is a 22mm wide-angle lens with a resolution of 13-megapixels for capturing great selfies and enjoying high quality video chats.




Sony devices always impress when it comes to the quality of materials and technology on board and the Sony Xperia XZ delivers on these aspects too with super camera and imaging results, a beautifully crafted chassis and adaptive charging making it one of the best smartphones of 2016.

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