Sony Xperia X Performance coming this Summer

Sony has announced the Sony Xperia X Performance and this top of the line smartphone is set to arrive this summer, most probably in June 2016.


For now at least, this Sony Xperia X Performance will replace the Sony Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Premium.


X Performance design


The Sony Xperia Z range was starting to look a little dated with its sharp corners, boxy form and aging colour palette, so it will be a big relief for Sony fans to see a new design taken on board for the Xperia X series.


The edges on the Xperia X Performance will be beautifully rounded and the matte-looking colour schemes now includes White, Graphite Black, Rose Gold and Lime Gold. The use of 2D edge-to-edge glass on the front symmetrically matches the the metal back, giving the phone a perfectly balanced design.


X Performance design


The design incorporates a 5” display with Full HD resolution, a 8.7mm thin body and a power key that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, for one touch wake and unlock.


Inside, the design is equally as impressive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with eight cores giving twice the performance of previous processors, yet being rather green with a huge reduction in power. The 32GB memory can be expanded upon by inserting a 200GB microSD card and the 2700mAh battery gives a rather respectable two days use, under typical usage scenarios.


X Performance camera


The Sony Xperia X Performance has Sony’s latest camera module, that has recently been completely redesigned. The 23MP resolution is pretty much the best you will find on any 2016 smartphone and it goes from standby to shoot in just 0.6 seconds.


X Performance camera


The camera uses a rather ingenious Predictive Hybrid Autofocus that keeps everything in focus by predicting where moving object will go next. This makes life much easier when sizing up a shot, changing the focus quicker than a human ever could.


The X Performance camera also offers almost no loss of detail when zooming with Clear Image Zoom and on the opposite side of the phone there is a 13MP selfie camera, which once again is the best you can get in 2016.


X Performance features

The Sony Xperia X Performance will launch with Google’s Android Marshmallow operating system and owners will be able to update this, free of charge, to Android N shortly after it is released.


X Performance features


Music is always an element of supremacy on Sony phones and here Hi Res Audio reworks compressed music files so that they once again sound like the artist intended them to, in the recording studio. The sound is projected outwards using S-Force Front Surround sound.


A series of Sony accessories can be purchased for the X Performance and these include the PS4 Remote Play controller, which lets gamers game in any room in their house. The Style Touch Cover is another optional buy and this protects the phone while allowing touch operations to work through the transparent material.


The Xperia Ear accessory can be purchased for those who want to use the virtual assistant to receive their daily schedule and other information in private and on the go. Probably the most tempting accessory purchase though will be the Quick Charge 3.0 charger, as this gives hours of use in just minutes of recharge and it does this while being more efficient, compared to Quick Charge 2.0 chargers.


So, will the Sony Xperia X Performance be on your summer wish list?


Written by: Michael Brown

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