Sony Xperia Touch review – Portable projector

Sony Xperia Touch review


The Sony Xperia Touch is a portable projector that turns a table, wall or the floor into an interactive touchscreen.


The Sony Xperia Touch uses Wi-Fi, short-throw projection and state-of-the art touch functionality, in order to turn almost any surface into a touch screen.


What can the Sony Xperia Touch do?



The Sony Xperia Touch can create a game zone for single and multiplayer action, project a recipe, plot a GPS route or surf the web. You can also make a Skype call with the 13MP camera, enjoy your own movie theatre with an 80” projected wall screen or keep notes or converse with other family members with the interactive message board.


Recipe projector


The Sony Xperia Touch can access Google Play apps, so this projector can effectively offer all of the same features as a high-end tablet.


How does the Sony Xperia Touch work?


Sony Xperia Touch game zone


Infrared Touch uses an infrared light array and this is paired up with 60 frames per second camera capture, to turn a table into a 23” touchscreen. The Sony Xperia Touch senses when you are near and turns on automatically from sleep mode, showing the family message board or a wall clock.


Sony Xperia Touch specifications


The Sony Xperia Touch has two-way stereo speakers and the Android Nougat operating system. The design includes a perforated metal finish and a sleek look is achieved through placing the control buttons flush with the body.


The projector creates a display area that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, with 100 lumens brightness. There is a 32GB internal memory and a microSD card slot, which is pretty handy for a device that is going to be used for enjoying media and gaming.


Sony Xperia Touch floor projector


The battery offers up to one hours usage of continuous video playback and is charged through a USB Type-C charging port. There is also a micro HDMI port and Bluetooth connectivity. The sensors that add functionality includes temperature, humidity and barometer sensors.


Sony Xperia Touch price


The Sony Xperia Touch really is for tech lovers and because of its innovative cutting edge tech, it will go on sale in UK for around £1300. The Sony Xperia Touch will go on sale in the UK later this year.



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