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The Sony Xperia L1 is a phone for those looking for an affordable pay as you go or contract phone.


The best way to think of the Sony Xperia L1 is that it is like a kit car. On the outside there is a stylish Ferrari-like design, while inside there is a more modest Fiat-like engine. So, let’s take a more in depth look with our Sony Xperia L1 review.


Sony Xperia L1 design


The Sony Xperia L1 has Sony’s trademark Loop Surface design. With this, the top and bottom edges of the phone are flat, while the sides of the phone are smooth and rounded. When you look down onto the top edge of the phone, you see a contrasted and continual loop that catches the light as if to attest to the quality of the craftsmanship.


Sony Xperia L1 design


The screen measures 5.5” (diagonally) and this has a High Definition resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Most notably here, it is evident that there are narrow borders surrounding the screen and while it is not quite edge-less, it is certainly the next best thing.


The Sony Xperia L1 will be available in three colours; pink, white or black.


Sony Xperia L1 camera


The 13MP main camera really has all of the resolution that you might need and because it uses Sony’s 3x Clear Image Zoom, you can zoom in with almost no loss of detail. You can record video at 1080p quality(Full High Definition) along with stereo sound.


Sony Xperia L1 camera


The Sony Xperia L1 has a video and photo editor pre-loaded and with geo-tagging you can view your photos by location, on a map. When time is critical, you can use Quick Launch to get the camera app open in record time. You can adjust the settings of Quick Launch so that it either opens the camera app, automatically takes a photo straight away or automatically starts recording video.


Facing the user is a 5MP secondary camera that has a 24mm wide angle lens. This is great for capturing group selfies or for solo portraits that capture more of the atmosphere of the surroundings. Sony has added a Soft Skin Effect feature for capturing better than real life results.


The secondary camera can have its shutter activated automatically with Smile Shutter. You can also make video calls with the pre-loaded Google Duo app or with other VoIP apps, such as Skype or Messenger.


Sony Xperia L1 features


Sony gives more than a lot of other phone brands in terms of apps and features and this is another good reason to choose the Sony Xperia L1 over its competitors.


Sound takes centre stage with Sony adding its Clear Audio+ and xLoud technology, along with surround sound and an equaliser. The speaker has been positioned on the bottom and this means that sound remains clear, even when the phone has been placed face down or face up on a flat surface.


Smart Cleaner is worth getting familiar with and this feature deactivates unused apps and clears the cache, ensuring that performance remains the same, into the future. Sony has also pre-loaded its What’s New, Spotify, Album and Video apps.


Xperia Tips and Assist help you get more from the phone and these features learn what you do on the phone, in order to give tips and assistance that will help improve or speed up your daily interactions. Xperia Actions fits neatly by the side of these two features and can, for example, automatically mute notifications when you go into a meeting or download a language translation pack prior to you travelling abroad.


The Sony Xperia L1 has Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and there are a couple features included, that are worth a mention. The first is split screen mode and this lets you run two apps simultaneously on the two halves of the display. This is great for doing things like watching a YouTube video, while scrolling through your social feed at the same time.



The second feature is Smart Lock and this can be set up and activated in the security menu. On the Sony Xperia L1, the feature will unlock or keep the phone unlocked for up to four hours from last use. The phone unlocks when it recognises a trusted face, voice, place or device, such as a Bluetooth headset.


Sony Xperia L1 specifications


Here we take a look at the essential specifications of the Sony Xperia L1:


Dimension – 151mm x 74mm x 8.7mm
Weight – 180g
Processor – MediaTek quad-core 1.45GHz processor with 2GB of RAM
Security – PIN, pattern or password
Memory – 16GB internal with a microSD card slot (up to 256GB)
Battery – 2,620mAh
Charging – USB Type-C with Qnovo Adaptive Charging
Standby – up to 28 days
Talk time – up to 13 hours
Power saving – STAMINA and Ultra STAMINA


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