Sony Xperia E4 coming soon

The Sony Xperia E4 is coming soon to the UK and we are delighted to see a feature rich affordable phone from Sony. There is however one oddity in the mix, read on to find out more.

Sony Xperia E4 design


The Sony Xperia E4 design misses out on the super-sleek looks of premium smartphones in favour of a curved underside which to some degree masks the slightly chunky 10.5mm thick body. Having said this its style is on a par with other mobile phones in the affordable pricing bracket.


A great viewing experience from any angle


Moving away from budget phones with small screens, Sony tackles the larger arena well and the 5-inch IPS display that provides a decent resolution and viewing from almost any angle. A scratch resistant glass has been used to protect the visuals and at 144 grams the weighting sits right in the middle of what we see currently being released.


The design uses a quad-core processor that is powerful on performance but easy on power drain. An 8GB memory is generous for it pricing bracket and a 32GB memory card can be purchased cheaply enough in case you need to bolster this.

Sony Xperia E4 camera


The camera is one of the big wins on the Xperia E4 and it is packed with entertaining features that take you a lot further than just point and shoot. The 5-megapixel main camera is complimented well by a 2-megapixel camera on the front for selfies and video calling.


Download Sony camera apps


High definition video recording is expanded upon with the possibility of video streaming Live on YouTube. Still images can be captured and the mood set with up to 10 seconds of sound.


New camera apps from Sony can be downloaded but there is plenty pre-installed including AR Fun where you can add animations and draw on your photos. Portrait retouch is also included and enables you to touch up your selfies with live makeup, one of ten different beauty styles and the option to add eye-sparkle.

Sony Xperia E4 Features


The Sony Xperia E4 runs on the Android KitKat operating system and you can use the Xperia Transfer app, which is pre-installed, to move over your contacts and files from your old phone.


You can find out more about Android here


A combination of sound technologies developed by Sony deliver quality acoustics and these include the xLoud Experience, Clear Audio+ and Sony 3D Surround Sound. Music. Collaborations are also possible with the Party Share app that lets friends share music using Wi-Fi Direct.


5 inch IPS display


The next stand out feature worth a mention is Smart Connect. This allows you to pre-set actions to automatically run when different kinds of accessories are connected. This could be as simple as when you connect your headset to go running the phone will automatically open your fitness app.


The Sony Xperia E4 also has GPS for navigation and VIP access to the Xperia Lounge where you can watch celebrity behind the scenes videos, get product giveaways and enter competitions.

The Oddity


The oddity in the Sony Xperia E4 story is that it has no 4G LTE connectivity, which is emphasized further by the fact that the Xperia E3 did. Hopefully this will however keep costs down and with 3G and home Wi-Fi the experience shouldn’t be diminished too much.

Sony Xperia E4 verdict


The Sony Xperia E4 may not be the perfect smartphone but for its pricing bracket it will be the leader in the pack!


Written by: Michael Brown

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