Sony Mobile to cut 1,000 jobs and move HQ to Japan

Sony Mobile has today announced that it is “altering the global operational structure of its development sites in Tokyo, Japan, Lund, Sweden and Beijing, China.” In other words, 15% of its workforce, or approximately 1,000 employees, will lose their jobs as the company moves its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan.


The move comes six months after Sony completed a buyout of shares in Sony Ericsson, replacing the previous brand with Sony Mobile Communications. The subsequent release of the Xperia range of phones was due to herald a new beginning for the brand as it took on the might of Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. Disappointing sales, despite an extensive global marketing campaign, has possibly hastened this news, with the company admitting  that it needs to “increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and drive profitable growth.”


650 full-time employees, alongside numerous consultants, are expected to lose their jobs in Lund, Sweden, although the company will retain a presence there as it remains an important strategic site. The company will focus its attentions there on software and application development.


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