Sony Makes it into the Top Three for Smartphone Sales


Sony has been promising big things to us next year with a phone they claim will rival the #iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 and now as they slot into the top three smartphone sales spot it looks like they are making a serious bid to overtake their rivals.

During the same period last year they were sitting in position six and now they have overtaken RIM, Nokia and HTC to sit behind the top two smartphone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple.


Sony is bound to be happy with this development as they have been striving to make a big impression on the market since they stepped away from the Ericsson brand.




Phones like the Xperia S and Xperia T have helped the manufacturer cement its place in the top; however the slump in sales for HTC and various issues for RIM has also helped Sony get to the top three. HTC was a real success story coming in from nowhere and sitting amongst the top manufacturers with a meteoric rise, but it seems what goes up must come down and now they have fallen behind Sony which may surprise many.


Samsung saw the biggest leap, according to the research, going from 22.7% to 31.3% and this is no surprise after the company reported massive sales of both its Note II and Galaxy S3. Apple retains second place in the smartphone sales race with 14.6% overall which is a slight rise on the 13.8% reported during the same period last year.




So can they go further? As reported earlier this month Sony believe they have a phone that will be a real contender in the top end of the smartphone market, but can they really take the spot from Apple or knock #Samsung off their very high perch?


Do you have a Sony phone? Do you think Sony can get the top spot next year? Who is your favourite mobile phone manufacturer and why?


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