Sony has created the world’s first 48MP smartphone camera

Sony has long delivered when it comes to camera technology in their many camera models on the market. The new Sony 48MP camera module looks to take smartphone photography to a new level.


The world’s first 48-megapixel smartphone camera



The new image sensor being created by Sony will be the world’s first 48MP smartphone camera. The lens will have an advanced set up including a 0.8μm pixel size. This means the camera results will be enhanced with better light and even more detail.


When using the camera in low light conditions the four adjacent pixels are added to raise the sensitivity for brighter images with less noise.



Images captured in low light is something that has been a challenge for many current smartphones, this new sensor from Sony looks like it could be the answer.


Other features of the new camera module include exposure control built-in as well as signal processing. This will enable a dynamic range that is four times better than current sensors. What does this mean? Well, it means you won’t lose detail in shadows when taking snaps with both bright and dark areas.


Video capture on the 48-megapixel smartphone camera will be 4K resolution at 90fps.



The release date for this new smartphone camera hasn’t been confirmed yet. The next big release from Sony is expected to be at the IFA 2018 at the end of next month. The new Sony Xperia XZ3 could be the device to have the world’s first 48-megapixel smartphone camera.

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