Sony Erisson K850i Vs Nokia N95

Introducing the first 5 mega pixel camera phone from Sony Ericsson Mobiles this handset is to rival the Nokia N95. Adding to the ongoing battle between the experts which has been going on for over 2 years first with the 3 mega pixel camera in 2006 with the Nokia N73 and the Sony Ericsson K790i the question is which one is better?

The Nokia N95 Mobile has the advantage of being released 6 months before the K850i which is not great news for Sony Ericsson, plus they had the 5 mega pixel camera market to themselves until the release of the Samsung G600.

So can the flagship camera phone really stand the heat of the 5 mega pixel market?

With a sleek shiny black finish the k850i looks modern and clean. Sticking with the basic candy bar shape of the K series the size hasn’t changed much from the other handsets in the range and long gone is the hump back from the Cyber shot series with a simple flat back. The touch sensitive soft menu buttons are easy to navigate with the only drawback being mistaking the other buttons for being touchscreen as well.

From the camera orientated K series the camera takes centre stage but it still has other excellent features. The autofocus 5 megapixel camera has an automatic lens cover, xenon flash which is great for poor light conditions & 16x digital zoom.

Other great features of the camera are Bestpic which allows you to take 9 pictures in quick succession allowing you to get the perfect shot, a video player and picture blogging which means you can share memories with friends. The Sony Ericsson k850i Mobile  overtakes the Nokia N95 in the application stakes with a lot more.

Although Sony Ericsson have a range of Walkman music phones this handset still has a decent music player and 40 megs of internal memory plus memory card slots for up to 4 gigs so you can store all your music, pictures and videos.

The web browser does not let this phone down with 3g data transfer and excellent media player for downloading the latest sports news, movie trailers and music videos. The 2.2 inch colour display is one the brightest, sharpest ones on the market which is great for web browsing.

With such great features the Sony Ericsson still beats the Nokia N95 on battery life lasting 2-3 days on average usage. Both phones are unlocked GSM phones with 3g, a music player and a 5 mega pixel autofocus camera but the similarities end there. Being a smart phone the N95 has 3G and Wifi but do you really need these?

Though on the surface it looks like the k790i with a face lift the k850i with a lot of fantastic new features it is a great replacement plus a contender for the Nokia N95.

Let the battle commence!

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