Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Review

Sony Ericcson Xperia X8In the first of a series of mobile phone reviews, Mobilesplease has chosen to take a closer look at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. You might be thinking that this is an odd choice for its first phone review, due to its launch back in 2010 and being surpassed by the Xperia Play. However despite this, the Xperia X8 remains a firm favourite as an entry-level Android based smartphone.


Windows Mobile-based Xperia X1 was the first device of this series, launched in 2008. Then the Android-based Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was launched, followed by the smaller and compact models X10 Mini and Mini Pro. The next device of the series X8, released in September, 2010, is a compact device that stands between the bigger Xperia X10 and the smaller Xperia X10 Mini.


The handset has a stylish appearance and is now friendlier on your budget. Our Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 review indicates that based on the combination of exciting features and ease of use, this is a decent purchase.


At first glance, the X8 appears to be a decent smartphone that would fit into the light category; it has good, satisfactory 3-inch capacitive touchscreen, as well as convenient and easy to use intuitive software. However, do these characteristics form a good Smartphone, which is worth our attention? Let’s see what the phone offers in this Sony Ericsson X8 review.


Out of the box
The device box contains: the handset, four additional plastic back covers, charger adapter, micro USB cable, 2GB MicroSD™ card (supporting up to 16 GB capacity), headphones and user guide.


Let’s cover the technical specs of the Sony Ericcson Xperia X8 quickly:


  • 3.2МP camera, 2048×1536 pixels without flash
  • A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, 3G, GPRS, EDGE
  • 3″ touchscreen display with resolution 320 x 480 pixels
  • Аndroid OS Android OS, v1.6 upgradable to v2.1
  • Stereo FM radio
  • 600 MHz ARM 11 processor, 128MB RAM
  • 4 software buttons in the four corners of the display
  • Timescape
  • Available in a great variety of colors: White, Dark Blue & White, Aqua Blue & White, Pink & White, Silver & White



Beautiful Design 
The Xperia X8 has a sophisticated and modern design, similar to that of the X10 Mini. The four software buttons in the screen’s corners support quick access to different applications. Thanks to these, the phone can be used easily, even with only one hand.


Sony Ericsson Xperia X8


In reality, the X8 demonstrates its quality with a 3-inch capacity LCD screen with a resolution of 320×480 pixels; more than sufficient for a display of such size. As the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 has a 3-inch touchscreen, a virtual QWERTY keyboard is preinstalled in contrast to the X10 Mini and Mini Pro. Equipped with removable plastic back covers, the X8 is among the most customisable handsets on the market.


The rapid and convenient touchscreen and the 600 MHz processor allow for smooth web browsing, faster downloads and multitasking without much strain.


The Timescape application takes care for easy and quick access to social networks via its useful Infinite button. Users are able to find more than 250,000 additional applications and games from the Android Market™.


The X8 is also perfect for multimedia entertainment. You may use it to play games, surf the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, take photos with its 3.2 MP camera; in fact everything delivers with great satisfaction on the 3″ touchscreen. The quality of the camera is one minor letdown for the X8 and doesn’t really stand up to others in its range.


Below the screen you will find the useful Menu, Home and Back keys fully in the style of the Andorid-based Xperia phones. They are chromed, thus complementing the stylish finish. The handset has the same intuitive interface as seen on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, with fully customizable icons for quick access to your favorite games, music, or social networks.
The placement of buttons are convenient, with the lock, camera and volume buttons comfortable and easy to reach.


Sony Ericsson Xperia x8 review summary
With a great design, customisable look and fast, seamless display, the Xperia X8 offers all the advantages of the smartest compact smartphones. It is one of the best looking entry-level Android OS handsets on the market in its price range. Due to its low-spec camera and with a talktime of under 350 minutes, it’s difficult to rate this above three stars, but it’s a solid three out of five.


Mobilesplease rating for the Sony Xperia X8 mobile phone:


  3 out of 5
 Three out of Five



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