Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson delivers an amazing music phone which allows you to lose yourself in the music…well this is what the experts say. Combining the unique audio enhancing technology with a beautiful design sees Sony Ericsson step up to the challenge of being the best player in the music market.
Setting a new standard for music on mobiles the Sony Ericsson W980 has great features including an 8GB internal memory, the FM transmitter fro transporting music to other FM users plus if you want further tunes you can download them straight off the web to your phone. The front of the Sony Ericsson W980 is covered in see through plastic. This then pulsates gently with a white light as the phone quietly starts up and orange for a few seconds after you start a song playing.
The touch sensitive mp3 controls on the front of the handset allowing easy navigation of your tunes and these are a lovely addition to the glossy black casing of the handset. With a 3.2 mega pixel camera it is really good for a purely music orientated phone allowing you to snap away.
If you’re in the market for a music phone this is one of the best with clear audio, a massive memory and a sleek style.

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