Sony Ericsson W980 Review

First looking at the black sleek, stylish music player on the surface of the phone it seems the handset is purely music orientated… but it also has great business features.
Sure to surpass all expectations Sony Ericsson has combined a feature packed phone with a fantastic audio experience to revolutionise mobile music systems.
Whether it’s to store 8,000 of your favourite tunes or track down what your favourite new tune is with the TrackID you’ll be sure to dance the night away with the W980.With a hands free complete with the phone it is perfect for a music lover on the go.
Great features include the built in FM transmitter which allows you to share music with the people around you, allowing you to send whatever is playing on your phone to other devices with a built in Fm radio receiver. Whether it is a friend stereo or your car’s radio you can carry you music around with you always. Other musical features include album art,Sensme & playnow which will no doubt be fun to explore. The navigation gage on the handset allows you to gain easy access to your music library which you can continue to build with access to over 5 million songs on the playnow feature.
Considering it is primarily made for blasting your tunes it still has some pretty good features such as the 3.2 mega pixel camera and a good web browser. It also has fantastic business features such as the ‘flight mode’ application allowing you to turn of the mobile function of the phone whilst still allowing you to listen to your tunes, organiser and camera.

Get ready to dance the night away with one of our best selling mobiles the  Sony Ericsson W980.
Sony Ericsson W980

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