Sony Ericsson – The Future is Green

Sony Ericssson is doing their bit for the environment by launching two mobile phones made from old cd cases and water bottles. The handsets named the Green heart C901 and the Naite have been created in a bid to boos the brands awareness of its green values and approach a more environmentally friendly market.
The Greenheart C901 and the Naite both come complete with all the features you would expect from a top end Sony Ericsson mobile phone including a camera, WAP and Google maps.

So how are these phones actually made? They use at least 50% recycled plastic and the plastic is coloured using a friendly water based paint. Other greener benefits include the low power charges which come with these handsets and the onboard e-manual which reduces the need for more paper to produce a user manual. Other features on this phone include an application which allows users to calculate their greenhouse gas commissions when they walk compared to driving.

Sony Ericsson claim these changes will reduce the carbon footprint of the handsets by 15% and are expected to go on sale later this year.

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