Sony Ericsson release a new Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson are recycling their X10 Mini and giving it a little musical facelift! The Walkman stamp has been put on the brand new Yendo to keep Sony Ericsson in the music phone market.

It may look a lot like the X10 Mini but unfortunately the Yendo is not running on Android putting it at the lower end of the market, this was where Sony Ericsson wanted to place its Walkman phones so no surprises there.

The Yendo may be an affordable handset but don’t be fooled as it still has the same QVGA touch screen as the X10 mini and it also boasts the four-corner user interface used on the X10 mini and the new X8. Of course the music player is great with full touch controls, TrackID, MediaGo to manage your music from a computer and a 3.5mm audio jack allowing you to use your favourite headphones with the phone. The lightweight (81g) device also features a 2 megapixel camera and social networking integration.

We really love this cute and cheap phone, it even fulfils our desire for a pink phone as it will be available in a number of colours (including pink!) in the next few months.

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