Sony Ericsson Officially Bin Symbian

“We have no plans for the time being to develop any new products to the Symbian Foundation standard or operating system,” “We have made a significant shift to support Android,”

That’s the word from Sony Ericsson, no more symbian phones, lots more android phones. This will be a win for google and the other manufacturers using Android and a kick where it hurts for Nokia. Although Symbian is ostensibly open source, Nokia are behind it and are betting the farm on the success of it’s latest Symbian handsets.

So why have Sony Ericsson dumped Symbian? Well they didn’t say, but all mobile manufacturers have a choice these days when it comes to operating systems: develop your own, buy or licence one, or use an open source OS.

Developing your own OS is difficult and expensive, furthermore you have to attract developers to your platform if you want the selection of apps that todays buyers want. Now there’s a chance that your shiny new in house OS will be awesome and blow the competition out of the water, but if it doesn’t then your competition using open source will have a better OS than you and no development costs.

So better then to go open source and get a ready made app store / marketplace and an existing pool of devs working on apps – at no cost to you.

That leaves you with two serious options for your choice of OS – Android or Symbian. Don’t get me wrong, Symbian is very good but Android is the cool new kid on the block, it’s well marketed and has a big following amongst developers whereas Symbian is still very much playing catch up despite being far older and well established.

Nokia are still committed to Symbian, and to be fair the N8 looks very cool, but wouldn’t it be cool if Nokia made and Android phone? Their build quality and design ethos has always been top notch and their clinging rigidly to Symbian is the only thing to me that’s caused them to slip behind in recent years.

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