Sony Ericsson gives us some light entertainment.

It’s been a while since Sony Ericsson gave us a Walkman phone, but like buses, now two have come along in the form of the Spiro and Zylo. The catchy named phones are currently just available Sim Free for just under £300 but we are sure that there will be some great contract deals available towards the end of summer.

So lets talk about the phones.

The Spiro is the smallest of the two measuring 92 x 48 x 17mm with a curved slider design to fit perfectly in the palm. Obviously the Walkman is the main feature of the phone with TrackID music recognition and PlayNow to download music easily straight to your phone as well as dedicated music keys to get quick and easy access to your favourite tunes. Sony Ericsson have included a 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth headset to ensure you can use your favourite heaphones for your new music device. Other features of the phone include a 2 megapixel camera and social networking integration to access Facebook and Twitter at the tap of the button.

The Zylo is the bigger and better device to come out of this duo both in size and specification. Measuring 103x52x16mm the Zylo has a similar curved design and sleeker looking navigation keys. The camera has been bumped up to 3.2 megapixels and there is 3G on board to access the web browser and Google search tool. Being a Walkman phone their is plenty of decent music based features including Clear Stereo and Clear Bass for impressive clarity and sound, shake control, stereo speaker and external memory up to 16GB.  The Zylo is not just about the music however, it also boasts a decent social networking platform to get the latest updates from sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

These phones are great if you want to have fun with your mobile. They won’t weigh you down and they are sure to be reliable, inexpensive and cool devices. For more phones with social networking features compare deals at Mobiles

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