Sony Ericsson C902 Mobile review

If you are looking for a high spec phone in a slim casing then look no further than the Sony Ericsson C902. It has been built with the user in mind, as it is slim and easy to hold. It should fit into the pocket of the skinniest jeans. If your friends are good looking enough to appear on your phone then the good news is that the camera has unique face detection feature so that you get their looks in all their glory!

The camera is an impressive 5 mega pixels and uses touch screen technology to make it super easy to use. It has fast broadband technology for high speed web browsing and so you have everything you need to keep in touch with the modern world. The design is James Bond smooth with a rich black colour with the odd hint of white and silver. A super stylish finish to a super slick phone.

The keys on the Sony Ericsson brand of phones are easy to use with large number pad buttons which are shaped individually making them easy to hit at speed. If you need to text at high speed this phone will allow you to do so.

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