Sony Ericsson Anzu Pictures Leaked

The first pictures of what is believed to be the successor to the Sony Ericsson Experia X10 have been leaked today by the unofficial Experia X10 Blog.

The new handset code named Anzu is said to have a 4.3″ touch screen and a mini HDMI output like the Nokia N8, hinting that multimedia capabilities will be high on the list of features.

The photos show the Anzu running Android 2.1, but it’s expected to be launched with 2.2 at the least or possibly even 3.0 ” Gingerbread”.

Further details on Anzu are scarce, however ┬áit’s rumoured to be “very, very slim” but will it be able to gain any significant market share? Sony Ericsson phones have always had reasonably good hardware, but their Timescape UI which runs over the top of Android has had mixed reviews and the Xperia X10 – whilst an excellent phone – was eclipsed by the Iphone 4, Galaxy S and the HTC Desire HD.

A recent poll by Gizmodo found that nearly 70% of the 6,200 voters thought that Sony Ericsson will stop making smartphones within the next 18 months, so the view of Gizmodo’s tech savvy audience isn’t good. Perhaps this phone can turn Sony Ericsson’s fortunes around? What do you think?

Expect to see the Anzu – or Xperia X12 – as it may well be known in early 2011.

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