Sony Ericsson adds to their already superb line up.

Mobile Phone giant Sony Ericsson have recently launched the Xperia X10 Mini Pro. Although it’s a bit of a mouthful it certainly has a spec worthy of such a long name and comes from a long list of fantastic phones from Sony Ericsson. Phones such as the impressive Satio, a camera phone to rival anything on the market with an impressive 12 megapixels and super sharp touch screen, as well as the popular Tocco Lite – currently the most popular Pay As You Go phone in the UK.

So more about the X10 Mini Pro.

As the name suggests the X10 Mini is one of the smallest Android phones on the market measuring just 90 x 52 x 17mm – not bad considering there is a full QWERTY keyboard hiding in there somewhere! It may be small but this funky device boasts a fantastic range of features including a 5 megapixel camera with a number of image enhancing images to snap great phones and a decent music player. Great for messaging the QWERTY keyboard allows users to type super fast messages and the 2.6 inch touchscreen displays the home screen perfectly which can easily be customised with a huge choice of applications from the Android marketplace.

Other features include an FM radio, GPS, social networking integration and Bluetooth to make the Xperia X10 Mini a fantastic pocket friendly device.

Deals start at just £20 a month with 300 minutes and Unlimited texts!

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