Some positive iPhone News for Travellers

With all the bad press lingering around Apple at the moment we just spotted another cool app to remind us how handy they can actually be. Phones like Apples iPhone and the HTC Desire offer a great range of apps to help make life easier. Flight Tickets are constantly advancing their technology and the latest to appear is the British Airways app which lets users check in and board with their phones. A barcode is sent to the app which can be read by a scanner and used as a boarding pass to get you on board quickly.

When it is launched on Monday it will be available to Executive club users and will cut out paper tickets making it a much simpler process. The app also provides details such as check in times, flight updates and boarding gate information.

Chris Davies, head of digital marketing, said: ‘Mobility and convenience is key for our customers, so that no matter where they are, they can turn to their mobile phones to find the very latest information…The Mobile Boarding Pass feature for Executive Club iPhone users will be especially welcome for those customers unable to print off their own boarding cards when returning from overseas. We’re committed to putting our customers in charge, making the British Airways’ travel experience even easier.’

The app will be free for anyone in the Executive Club on Android, Blackberry and iPhone devices…who knows, one day you can just get your phone to go on holiday for you!

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