SMARTY network to launch in the UK

SMARTY network to launch in the UK


SMARTY is a new network that is coming to the UK in the next couple of weeks, with the promise to ‘Make mobile simple and honest’. The new network is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and this simply means that calls, messages and the internet is accessed over Three’s infrastructure.


The new SMARTY mobile network will offer SIM Only deals to customers, without a formal contract. These deals are essentially a one month rolling plan that can be canceled at any time.


So, why should I take out a SMARTY SIM Only deal? Simple, SMARTY will discount the cost of unused data off your next month’s line rental, on plans with 2GB of internet data or more. This means that you will never pay for something that you haven’t used.


SMARTY price plans


All of the SMARTY price plans have unlimited minutes and unlimited text messages. So the only decision when choosing a plan is what amount of internet data you want to purchase. The options are listed below:


Simple Plan – 500MB of internet data
Small Plan – 2GB of internet data
Medium Plan – 6GB of internet data
Large Plan – 14GB internet data


£5 of the plan is allocated to providing you with the unlimited calls and unlimited texts. The remaining value of the price plan is then assessed at the end of each month, in order to determine the amount of internet data that hasn’t been used.


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With each 1GB of data costing £1, it is pretty easy to work out the discount that will be due. The discount is taken off the cost of the next month’s line rental.


The benefits of SMARTY


Aside from what we have already covered, the are a few other benefits of using the new SMARTY network. First off, because there is no contract there is also no credit check. This is great news for those with credit problems or for those who simply do not yet have a credit history.


Second, the SMARTY network is a subsidiary of Three and this gives you the peace of mind that tying up with a big brand secures. Customers of SMARTY will enjoy the same network reliability as Three customers and also benefit from 91% population coverage for 4G internet access.


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SMARTY will also allow its customers to change price plans or purchase add-ons, should more internet data be required. The data add-ons are priced at the same value as the data in the price plan, so it really couldn’t be a fairer system. What is more, the add-ons do not expire, so you can use a bit during the current month and then use the rest at the end of the next month.


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