Skype Skypephone from Mobiles Please

Briefly: Skype has broken free from the PC in the past few years but never past landline and Wifi until now. Allowing you to combine your personal and Skype contacts & have a stylish handset.

Great Mobile Phone Deal: Wow this Free Skype Skypephone from Mobiles Please.

The Skype phone is a stylish mobile phone that calls, texts and takes pictures like you’d expect it to, plus it is a 3G internet phone with Skype built in. For those who are unsure  Skype is software that allows users to make telephone calls over the internet.
With Skype being installed on 246 million computers it was certain that Skype would soon go mobile. The phone is manufactured by the Chinese firm Amo & is available on the 3 mobile network. The small black handset has a Sony Ericsson feel to it and with a large screen and simple keypad it is perfect if you’re looking for a simple handset to access your skype contacts on.
The primary focus of the handset is the Skype ability which allows you to chat and instant message your Skype contacts using the deditcated skype button.As long as you have an account you can be logged in to Skype all the time wherever you are. Your PC will act as a second connection so you can choose which one you will take the call on. Plus the calls and messages are all free, it really couldn’t be easier plus this is all at a touch of a button.
This phone is not just for the talking it’s got a 2 mega pixel camera so its great for catching all those favourite moments, it even has a dedicated camera button. Other applications include an MP3 player, games, Web browser and 3’s Launcher application that gives you shortcuts to sites such as YouTube and Facebook.
What does the Skype Skypephone have to offer?

•    Large display screen
•    Dedicated Skype button
•    2 mega pixel camera & Mp3 player
•    3G internet for fast web browsing
•    You Tube & Facebook applications

At Mobilesplease we were pleased to see that Skype is venturing out into the big bad world of handheld mobiles and it is a great first step

Mobilesplease have the Skype Skype phone available in Black & silver on the 3 networks with great free gifts including a Laptop & LCD TV.
The Best way to keep in touch whilst on the move is with a Skype phone, its time to step away from your PC and into the world of Skypephone. Skype started with free calls between PC’s now they are doing the same with 3…Skype Mobile has the potential to massively increase access to internet calling.

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