Size matters!

Has the size of Android smartphones got bigger or have netbooks and laptops shrunk? Well, you get a bit of both with the new Huawei S7 7-inch tablet that sports the popular Android v2.1 OS. Voice communication and Web browsing are supported over either Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS/EDGE making this a versatile device that will keep you connected in any situation.

High definition video playback at (720p) can be enjoyed in the palm of your hand or alternatively flick out the kickstand and enjoy your favourite media with stereo sound from a desk or table. The Huawei S7 also has a 3.5mm audio jack so that when required you can continue to use the device in private with your own favourite headphones or handsfree.

The optical set-up supports operation in either landscape or portrait views and the built-in 2-megapixel camera doubles as a Webcam for supporting VOIP services. The internal memory can be expanded with a MicroSD card with values up to 32GB so keeping your picture, music and video library with you will be no issue.

The Huawei S7 runs with a widget based menu and the optical trackpad makes navigating around a breeze. The 768Mhz processor helps things keep moving along without any delays and with access to the Android Marketplace the device can be tailored to your own personal needs with downloadable content and new applications.

With a sub £300 price tag the Huawei S7 is well priced for its comprehensive specifications and would make a great buy for anyone searching for that perfect Christmas gift.

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