Siri is going to Charm School





Apple has been proudly offering up Siri as the digital assistant of choice on their devices for a while now and even though some people have found her to be a little hit and miss Apple are still very much keeping Siri on board as she features on the latest iPad Mini and more.


Apple is now looking to develop Siri’s skills a little further and bring a bit more personality to her delivery as she has been known to be a little abrupt.


Siri is heading to charm school; Apple is hoping to employ a new writer for Siri to transform the assistant into a more sophisticated lady. Siri’s personality is really what makes it stand out from other similar software so Apple wants the new writer to keep some of that with Siri being able to “explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways”.


Apple hopes the new writer will be able to develop Siri into a more distinctive character and give Siri a whole new batch of original dialogue for the digital assistant capabilities featured on their devices such as the iPhone 5.


Any writer would be pretty happy knowing they had created a character featured on millions of phones and heard all over the globe so we expect the applicant list could be pretty long.


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