Showrooming is becoming more popular


The smartphone has brought with it many new ways to interact with the world and now it seems to be changing the way we shop on the highs street. According to a new research study conducted by the EE mobile network, showrooming is becoming more popular than ever.


What is Showrooming?




For those that don’t know, showrooming is the use of a mobile phone for comparing prices and checking for better deals online while shopping in store. The poll from EE showed that 41% of consumers admitted to showrooming while out shopping on the high street. With the UK adult population at 55 million that equates to a whopping 22 million people.


The trend to use a smartphone for showrooming is most common among 18-34 year old’s with the highest percentage by location being Newcastle and London with 47%.


More than 40% of shoppers in Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Manchester,Nottingham and York regularly partake in showrooming with the least showroomers in Belfast at 36% and Norwich at 33%/


Why you should try showrooming?


The range of products that can be found online is much larger than in a high street or physical store so you get to see a much wider choice of what you are looking for. Comparing the prices and deals online and in store gives you the opportunity to secure the best price for what you are after.


The research from EE showed that 74% of shoppers would choose to browse online rather than visiting an actual store and with Christmas queues and hectic scenes on the high street it’s hardly surprising.


Many smartphone users browse online before making their purchase with top apps being Amazon, used by 82% of showroomers and eBay with 53%.


The EE survey showed that users would be more likely to buy while in store if price matching was offered and 43% stated that they would prefer to finally purchase on the high street as the purchase is instant and there is no waiting for delivery.


The high street retailers will need to take note of this trend and look to offering some form of price matching or loyalty schemes to give shoppers value as they may still get people coming through the doors but the final purchase will be made online if a better deal is found.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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