Shameless, Tenuous Royal Wedding Mobile Phone Story!

You can’t move for coverage of, and speculation about the Royal wedding at the moment. Many businesses are desperately trying to bask in reflected glory by connecting themselves and their products, no matter how tenuously with what is certain to be the wedding of the decade – unless Jordan, Anthea Turner or that woman off the Iceland adverts gets married again.

Love or loathe the Royals and the wedding, you can’t help be a bit taken aback by how shamelessly businesses are trying to cash in on it. Well if you can’t beat them join them I say, so here’s a flimsy attempt to somehow make the Royal Wedding seem somehow relevant to mobile phones!

If we cast our minds back to October 2008, Kate Middleton was caught driving whilst using her phone, is that tenuous enough?

No? Ok, lots of people who are going to watch the Royal wedding will probably use their phones to text their mums and to tweet and post inane, gushing, OMG filled  statements to facebook. They will probably post pictures too, and that will put a strain on the networks, in response the networks are upgrading and reinforcing their systems to avoid a total collapse under the weight of Britain’s national pride.

Alcatel have basically nailed the whole royal phone thing right off the bat with this mind bogglingly patriotic Union Jack commemorative phone ,so if you’re not satisfied with tea towels and mugs then this is for you.

Credit also goes to T-mobile – or rather Saachi and Saachi – for their superb spoof viral video, it features lookalikes of the whole royal family strutting their stuff to East 17’s House of Love.

I think the only way anyone could beat T-Mobile would be to have Dom Jolly and his massive mobile phone interrupt proceedings with his trademark “HELLO? NO, I’M AT THE ROYAL WEDDING”

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