Shades of gold

You may not be able to buy the real thing but you can still buy gold coloured mobile phones in a variety of shades.


In fact the major manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC all make a point of releasing their flagship phones with a gold colour option.


Men may like the premium look that a gold phone offers whilst ladies can match a gold coloured phone to outfits much in the same way that they accessorise with shoes, handbags and purses.


Can I get a gold coloured Apple iPhone 5s?


Yes, Apple have released a shade of gold for their flagship phone. It’s a fairly pale colour gold and it is accentuated with a mix of matt and gloss effects.


Apple iPhone 5s Gold


The front face however is white and from this angle you only get see a shiny gold strip around the edge. On the sides and back a matt gold is used and there are white inserts at the top and bottom of the case which gives the iPhone 5s a unique look compared to a pure gold finish that other brands have used.


The Apple iPhone 6 may be launched in September and I expect that this will lead to a price drop on the iPhone 5s. With this in mind if you want to get phone to compliment your fashion style then waiting a week or two could really pay off.


I hate Apple, can I get a gold coloured Samsung?


Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is sold in a deep gold colour. Samsung have named the colour Copper Gold and this is clearly evident when you get your hands on one.


Gold Samsung Galaxy S5


The front of the phone is all black and once again we only see a thin band of gold around the edges. Unlike the iPhone the Galaxy S5 has pure gold sides and back but this is patterned with lots of dimples that make the rear casing almost look like a natural leather.


The Galaxy S5 smartphone is top-of-the-range at the moment so you can buy this phone now with confidence that it won’t look dated any time soon.


Can I get a phone with a brushed gold effect?


You can and this may be the effect that appeals most to male buyers. The LG G3 in Shine Gold has this effect and it looks and feels like quality too with its light metallic frame.


LG G3 Shine Gold


On the front of the LG G3 you will see a band of gold across the bottom while the sides and rear are pure gold. The sides of this phone almost don’t exist due to its arced shape and LG promote this as a feature that creates a comfortable grip for one-handed use.


I often refer to this mobile phone as the selfie phone as it has a 5MP front facing camera, something that will appeal to users of all ages.


Is there a great music phone in gold?


Yes, the HTC One (M8) with BoomSound fits the bill and it has the most complete covering of gold out of all of the phones mentioned here. From the front there is a band of gold at the top and bottom of the phone which catches the eye and this has been machined with rows of tiny speaker holes for resonating your music which is pumped through inbuilt amps.


Gold HTC One M8


The rear of this mobile really shows off the Amber Gold colouring and this is broken up with black stripes at the top and bottom and a black HTC logo.


Can I get a real gold phone?


You can but expect to pay a fee of more than £2,500. The Apple iPhone 6 will be available from design house Brikk but for the rest of us the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5, G3 and One M8 will have to do!


Written by: Michael Brown

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