Security Flaws in Mobile Phones

Mobile security and privacy is a major concern amongst consumers, network providers and mobile phone manufacturers. Recent headlines concerning mobile phones all outline the potential security issues concerning privacy and mobile phone users. It is natural for all consumers to be worried about their personal information being leaked out or used unlawfully. A recent headline has led to the investigation into the security flaw of a number of HTC handsets. Files containing several pieces of personal information including a list of user accounts and email addresses, log of recent GPS locations, phone numbers taken from recent call logs and SMS data have been hacked into.


HTC has said that it will look into the claims as fast as possible. “HTC takes our customers’ security very seriously, and we are working to investigate this claim as quickly as possibleā€, the company said in a statement.


Mobile manufacturers are so much into dominating the market and increasing sales by bringing out new technology that they forget about the simple patches such as phone security, data protection and for some antenna issues. Advancements in technology has brought about so many changes for the betterment but its time people take a step back and reflect on the uncertainties and concerns associated with these developments.

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