Saygus V² shown off at CES 2015

The 2015 CES in Las Vegas earlier this month gave a platform for tech companies to show off their latest concepts or upcoming devices. The Saygus V² shown off at CES 2015 was one of the more interesting smartphones on offer and will soon provide Android fans and developers a phone choice that is priced to undercut the competition.


Today we take a look at what the Saygus V² has to offer.

Taking the visuals to a bigger screen


The Saygus V² features HD Wi-Fi, also known as 60GHz Wi-Fi, and this will allow you to project anything on the phone’s screen to a TV monitor using a HD Wi-Fi dongle from up to 12 metres away. This feature can also be used to play games, watch movies, make presentations, show off photos or for surfing the web and best of all there is no software required to do this.


Saygus V² shown off at CES 2015


If you decide to keep things to yourself then a 5” display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will delight your eyes, even under sunlight. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 you will enjoy an edge-to-edge borderless screen that offers a depth of 445 pixels per inch.


For the developer and geeks alike


Supplied with root access, developers will love this smartphone, enabling them to create new programs andapplications directly on the phone. Upon activating root access, Super User permission is granted allowing custom firmware to be installed. Multi-boot is also supported so the Saygus V² can run software straight from a MicroSD card or the internal flash memory.


The Saygus V² is user programmable as well so both individuals and companies may change the user interface or customise the software. All of this could just make this the number one phone choice for Android geeks!


An unrivaled camera package?


With a 21MP main camera and a 13MP selfie and video calling camera the V² is a photographic delight. You get a physical shutter button, dual LED flash and 64GB of onboard storage for your photos and videos.


If this isn’t enough then the rather unique dual MicroSD card slots can provide storage for another 256GB of files, apps and media.

What a racket!


Should you choose to, the V² can pump out a tune for all to enjoy on built-in stereo speakers. Harman Kardon Sound Technology with 3D audio for video Harman Kardon Speakers, 3 microphones and Noise Canceling Cypher Sound Technology that uses algorithms to distinguish human voices and then eliminates all other noise, are just a few of the sound enhancing features you can enjoy.


Saygus V2

Saygus V² spec


The remaining spec of the Saygus V² includes a 2.5GHz quad core processor, GPS, Android KitKat OS, Bluetooth, infrared transmitter, biometric fingerprint scanner, IPX7 waterproofing and a big 3,00omAh.

Saygus V² verdict


If this new smartphone makes its way to the shores of the UK then we can expect fans of The Big Bang Theory to take an interest. Even if geek doesn’t run through your veins though there is plenty to attract your attention.


Written by: Michael Brown

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