Samsung’s latest – Available now!

The Samsung Galaxy Ace falls into the mid-range of the smartphone market and this is great news for your everyday user who wants the higher spec features without the misfortune of a high price tag or as is more likely in today’s market an inflated monthly line rental.

We think the look is superb with the full touch display dominating the front of the phone and being nicely trimmed with a silver-metallic looking strip. The rear casing features a matt black and silver dotted design that resembles the typical look of carbon fibre and comes with the added benefit of remaining fingerprint free, which we have all experienced on the glossy black colour schemes.

TouchWiz 3.0 and Android v2.2 operating system are on board and as with previous Samsung models the two blend together to bring a natural and easy to use widget based menu system. You also get to enjoy the flexibility to use popular Google services as well as having access to the Android Marketplace for downloads. YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps with GPS and Picasa integration are all pre-loaded to enable you to simply pick up and play.

The hardware side of things sees the inclusion of a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and video recording at 15fps. Image manipulation is possible with the picture editor whilst autofocus and smile/face detection help to ensure that the perfect picture is captured every time. Samsung has also thrown a 2GB-memory card into the box to satisfy your immediate storage needs and of course you can update the memory card via the MicroSD card slot if needed.

The Web browser sees its performance boosted with 3G HSPDA and Wi-Fi connectivity whilst messaging sees Swype Text Input used as the default typing method and this is well worth getting used to as you will soon be creating longer messages in record time. ThinkFree Office is also included in the pre-installed software list and this allows you to access email attachments without the need to visit your computer or laptop.

Deal wise, we are not surprised to see a wide range of tariffs that offer something for everyone, but our no.1 pick is the Orange 20 Dolphin, which brings 100 anytime minutes and unlimited text messaging every month for a line of £20.42 (£15.74 after cashback redemption).

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