Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset images leak

The Windows Mixed Reality offerings have been in the news for a while, with big names such as Acer, Dell and Lenovo working on WMR headsets. Now Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset images have leaked, seeming to show that the manufacturer will be putting their hat (or headset) into the WMR ring.


What is Windows Mixed Reality?


windows mixed reality headset


The Windows Mixed Reality, or WMR, has been talked about a lot since Windows debuted it – but what is it? It is the Windows version of Virtual Reality with top manufacturers all working on headsets.


The new WMR headsets include a Home area where you can access your games and apps from. Here you can drag and drop holograms around the home area as well as pin apps to walls. You can then walk into the cinema room of your home to watch movies and TV shows.


acer wmr dev headset


The WMR headsets will also allow you to run a version of your PC desktop in your virtual world. The WMR headsets on offer have a more simple set up, more of a plug and play connection to your WMR-capable laptop or PC. This is much easier than the previous headsets such as the Oculus Rift.


Samsung WMR headset


samsung wmr


The images of the Samsung WMR headset were leaked by Twitter user WalkingCat, with a very convincing looking headset that could be the real thing should Samsung venture into this market.


samsung wmr headset


The images don’t reveal a great deal, other than the look of the headset, however as the WMR headsets that have been released have similar specifications we can speculate the Samsung one will too.


There is no official word from Samsung or Microsoft, but as there is a big Microsoft Mixed Reality event in San Francisco in October, the timing of this image leak lends some credence to it.


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