Samsung Tocco f480

It’s hard to believe Nokia are now the only brand still making handsets with buttons…Is the latest touch screen technology needed or does it just complicate typing?

One of the main selling points of the Samsung Tocco F480 phone is the Widget application. These are tiny application that perform functions such as showing the time,or playing music.
With the Samsung Tocca you can place these wherever you want by simply dragging or dropping into the tool bar. This gives the handset a personal touch allowing you to change it accordingly.

With a card-like size it is very portable, and probably very easy to lose too.

Launching the smile shot function on the 5 mega pixel camera this handset boosts a fantastic picture for a minuet handset. Although with a memory of 223MB the phone is quite slow and struggles to do more than one task at a time.

With 3G internet the Tocco is great for surfing the internet with speed faster than most home broadbands. After testing this out I found it’s quite slow loading pages so not to sure about this 3G technology.

This phone has something for everyone with a great music player that stores thousands of songs plus it has a song tracking service called ‘Shazam’ which allows you to identify the song your listening to….if this is something you need to do.

With such great features there had to be some problems with the Tocco and there are. The handset has a habit of dropping calls for an unknown reason while the voice quality is sometimes poor.

Overall with such fantastic applications you could put up with the slowness, this phone is for you if you have style & patience.

Samsung F480 Tocco

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