Samsung to release first Android handset!

Samsung i7500 front

Samsung i7500 front

Following in the steps of HTC with the Google android, Samsung are set to jump on the Android bandwagon with the release of their first Android run handsets in June.

Said to be named the i7500 the handset is rumoured to feature a 5 mega pixel camera, wi-fi and a large touch sensitive display. O2 are rumoured to getting exclusive rights to the handset at first although this has not been confirmed.

With a AMOLED screen the handset will give users a full internet experience offering the full range of Google appications including Google maps, Gmail, Youtube and Google talk. With the recent popularity of the application market this handset offers the full range of Android applications including the calorie counter and many others.

At Mobilesplease we are very excited for the launch of this Android phone , Samsung will be the first company to release an Android handset amongst the top three mobile manufacturers.If you cant wait to try out this fantastic phone try the Google Android in either black or white.

Thanks Gizmodo for the tip off!

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