Samsung Smartphones Outshine Apple


The last quarter saw Apple Shipping 20.3 million iPhones while Samsung only managed 19.2 million. Many speculated that Samsung would do well; primarily down to the Galaxy S Android phones in terms of global sales. That was not the case for Samsung. However this Quarter the tables have turned around and Samsung have left Apple behind with a clear lead by a distinctive margin. Nokia was nowhere near the two in regards to smartphone sales.



Strategic Analysts put it down to consumers were waiting for the new iPhone that was launched in October. Many were expecting an iPhone 5 with a fresh design and features but instead got an updated version of the iPhone 4. Since the first weekend of the launch, Apple did see sales of around four million pre-orders in only a few days.


Nokia recently launched the Lumia 800 and 710 that are running on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. This launch will help raise Nokia’s profile in regards to market share. The next quarter should see an improvement for both Nokia and Apple.



The latest figures from Strategy Analytics showed that Apple had dropped to 17.1 million shipments, with Samsung storming ahead to 27.8 million. Samsung has the upper share of the market at 23.8 per cent while Apple and Nokia trial behind at 14.6 per cent and 14.4 per cent respectively. Samsung’s rise has mainly been driven by their quality in hardware, popular Android service and technological innovation.


With the on-going legal dispute between Apple and Samsung, that has affected consumers more than the companies, will also affect how well Samsung do next quarter.



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